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bovec accommodation
SUMMER HOUSE KOT & kronotop hostel

Bovec accommodations in Soča valley are many, but only a few come with a bit of a style. One such is our little summer house Kot. It has an open terrace, a private parking lot and a gear room that you can use to store your equipment or bikes. It can sleep six people who have the luxury of two bathrooms, a well equipped kitchen and dining room, but only two bedrooms. The street at Kot 20 is a quiet one and only a 2-minute walk from the center of Bovec. It is also a good starting position for hiking to Rombon mountain or to visit Virje waterfall, which everybody seems to adore. Especially in the spring when the waters from Gljun run abundant and are, remarkably, even colder than in the wintertime. To unveil this mystery you will have to venture there on your own. We are not giving away any secrets!

In the center of Bovec town, there you can find all you need. Some good wine and pizzas at Letni Vrt (although we recommend trying a genuine Napoli pizza here). Gurman burgers and local lamb meat at Sovdat restaurant. Mushrooms, Soča trout and a simple local dish of cooked potatoes and cottage cheese at a wooden cabin in the dead center, locally brewed hipster beer at Thirsty River Brewing and many other places about which you can gather more information from the touristic information center. There you can also ask more about the activities you can do on your own, while we can give you the best advice about guided activities and also arrange some good deals. Yeah, we do know all the valley and who to trust our guests to.

stuff to do

The most popular things you can do in Bovec and Soča river valley are: canyoning, rafting, kayaking (we do not recommend hydrospeed), paragliding here, or paragliding here, skydiving, mountain biking & trail biking, hiking, climbing and caving. Did you know that Bovec is a small "Mecca" for caving? Most of the rock here is limestone and so with the acid rain, we got ourselves a highland karst terrain with the most prominent area of it - the Kanin mountain. Kanin has one of the deepest caves in the world and one of the highest vertical drops - about 700 meters high 'chimney' inside the mountain. There are also huge never-ending underground lakes that feed the spring water of the majestic Boka waterfall. Boka is the biggest waterfall in Slovenia and you can learn more about it here. Do not confuse it with Little Boka which is a cave that enters the mountain at the bottom and has an exit almost on the mountain summit. A true work of art, this one.
If you are more of a hiker you can take on the mighty Juliana Trail or The Walk of Peace, if you are interested in the war history of the Soča valley region.