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sušec canyoning

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sušec CANYONing tour

SUŠEC CANYONING - for beginners

Sušec canyoning activities are more of a water park play than a serious canyoning adventure. If you are more than six years old, you are welcome to join the party! No alcohol, though.

But don’t get me wrong, canyoning Sušec experience is still very much fun for kids and adults. It has one big 22m high waterfall in the middle where rope is necessary and another one at the end. The rest is all jumps and slides. The longest slide has 12m and is pretty much vertical. We control the speed of the descend with the help of a rope and friction so that we can adjust the challenge to everyone’s needs. All the features in the canyon are completely avoidable - there is a path around every waterfall.

So if you are a family with kids or aren’t really sure if canyoning is for you then I would recommend doing canyoning in Sušec.

our guarantee

We guarantee with utmost certainty
that you will have an amazing and unforgettable day when you join us on this extreme outdoor adventure sport. If you are anything less than delighted, you need not pay a cent!

sušec CANYON details

v2a3 I
Descend time:
Return time:
Start altitude:
Descend height:
Jumps / slides:
Highest jump:
22m (optional)
Location: Google maps <SUŠEC>

sušec canyon OVERVIEW

Sušec canyon is said to be V2A3I difficulty. If we translate this to English it says technical difficulty regarding vertical movement: 2 out of 7, the aquatic skills needed to safely navigate: 3 out of 7, and the ease or time required to exit the canyon: 1 out of 7. It must be noted that in the beginning, we start with very basic things and slowly add more as we progress and move through the gorge. Therefore no prior knowledge is needed.

We will spend about 30min walking up the old Italian path (mule’s path) from the first world war and up to 2h of canyoning inside. Some of the slides and jumps are repeatable so we can spend more time on those if that is your desire. The last pool of water is right in front of the parking lot where we leave our cars.

Besides the first aid, all we need is a 45m long rope to use if we decide to go down the 22m high waterfall in the middle and another rope just in case ... Any extra equipment is not necessary.

HIGHLIGHTS: 7m high slide into a cave and 12m high slide which can be done without any rope. Pure vertical rush!

canyoning sušec is an entry level, fun-for-all-kind-of-thing

Canyoning Sušec is the second most popular outdoor activity in Bovec ( should be the first - instead of rafting ) but it is the most fun. This means it gets really crowded in this canyon in the high season. Even to such a degree that the usually clear water loses its color and becomes murky, so there is no way of seeing through it. The canyon water would otherwise clear up during the night, but not so much in the holidays months.

There are two solutions to this problem: rain is the first one. Of course, nature always takes care of things, even more so if we help her. And the second solution is to help her by not traveling to all the Instagram places all at the same time. This means August. Believe us, the experience of unspoiled Bovec nature is gone as soon as August comes to town. If you come and visit Bovec in the spring this would be a win:win:win situation for you, us, and nature.
The best months for Soča valley experience are May and June. Weather is getting better and better, days are longest and best of all - almost no tourists. On top of that you will see the Julian Alps' nature at its finest. Clear blue sky, freshly washed by light rain, where your sight reaches for miles! Under the blue heavenly colours you get white mountaintops, still covered with show. Did you know you could sky on Kanin mountain as late as early June?! And go canyoning right after that! And last but not least are the deep green shades of lush forests all around. Waters run abundant from every creek and gorge in these two months and just walking through the valley, taking it all in, feels like a privilege of a lifetime.

sušec may not be so easy after all

Everybody would tell you canyoning in Sušec is easy, good for beginners and that you don’t even need to use rope in there. This is all correct but the full length of Sušec is almost twice the commercial section. Only a few people would know this because there haven’t been many who explored the upper part of the gorge. There is some flat part dividing the two and so giving the impression that there is nothing of interest to the canyoneers further up. But there is. The hassle is it takes another hour of walking uphill to get to the spot.
Upon arrival, you are greeted by the most enchanting moss-covered glade which marks the beginning of the upper part. The Sušec canyon forks here into two valleys of which only one feeds water into the cauldrons. Interesting thing is that in the case of an intense storm there can be a little flash flood coming down both forks and if that happens, everyone should exit the canyon. That is not hard to do in Sušec, because it has a bunch of narrow pathways entering the canyon for non-canyoneers to also be able to see the waterfalls.

The upper part of the canyon has seven waterfalls to conquer, which equals to about two hours of adventure. The highest waterfall is around 40m high and is not recommended for beginners. The upper Sušec tour is not in our general offer, but we can always make a custom private trip for those who want to explore the Soča valley a bit more.