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kozjak canyon closed

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kozjak CANYONing tour

KOZJAK CANYONING - cliff jumping paradise!

Kozjak canyoning tour in Kobarid is not for inexperienced people. In Kozjak canyon you are required to be able to do 10m high jumps and be comfortable rappelling on your own.

It is hard to find the right words that would do the canyon justice and the photos also do not show its true beauty because of the crazy contrasts and the play of light. On some places you can see the bright sky and sun lights up the pools. On others there is pitch black and you cannot see the guy in front of you.

Let’s just put it like this - Kozjak canyon is for those who want more than just a pretty selfie, it’s for those who want a trial, an optimal challenge in one of the most beautiful and untouched parts of Slovenia's pristine nature. And also think a broken rib is totally worth it.

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kozjak CANYON details

v4a5 II
Descend time:
Return time:
Start altitude:
Descend height:
Jumps / slides:
10 (optional)
Highest jump:
18m (optional)
Location: Google maps <KOZJAK>

kozjak canyon OVERVIEW

Kozak canyoning is said to be of V4A5II difficulty. Translating this to English it would be something along these lines: technical difficulty regarding vertical movement: 4 out of 7, the aquatic skills needed to safely navigate: 5 out of 7 (depending on the flow volume), and the ease or time needed to exit the canyon: 2 out of 7.

In all honesty, I would not agree with the last number, because this canyon has no exit after the third waterfall. This means we have to finish it no matter what. Another thing that is very different from the rest of the canyons in the Soča river valley is that here we start with a 10-meter jump or rappel. No warm-up, just go! It is short and sweet!

Kozjak has no repeatable jumps or slides. Although, for the adrenaline addicts, we can repeat jumps off of the two bridges that we cross on the way back. Soon after that, we come to a camp and nobody would mind if a bunch of half-naked dudes in neoprene would stop for a drink. Only in camp Koren in the historical town of Kobarid.

HIGHLIGHTS: the unique jungle-like ambiance and the highest jump in the valley - off of the Kozjak waterfall, the most picturesque waterfall in Slovenia.

kozjak, a place of contrasts

Kozjak canyoning experience starts with about half an hour of sweating while marching uphill. In the sun. We will walk past green pastures and see goats and autochthonous Bovec sheep when one of the guides will probably remind you to buy the locally made cheese after you survive canyoning. Do that.

Grazing animals above the canyon are also the reason why we cannot drink the water in Kozjak. (I tried it once and spent the night in the bathroom.) Otherwise, I must say that every single stream of water flowing in the Soča river valley is potable - yes, also you can drink it and not just the locals. How about that!?
Kozjak is a canyon of contrasts. It has the largest hinterland from which it gathers its water and is itself the most narrow canyon in the Soča valley. Due to the large hinterland, it is also one of the warmest canyons. There can be almost a 10C° difference between Kozjak and Fratarica canyon in Log pod Mangartom. But this also means that when it starts raining at the end of August, all the water from Krn mountain gathers in Kozjak before it is released into the Soča river. The canyon here plays a role of a giant funnel - everything gets stuck in the bottle-neck under Drežnica village and the water level rises several meters. When in the canyon we can know that by observing the logs that remain jammed high up above our heads. The consequences - no more canyoning for the rest of the year.
The contrasts are also in the play of the light. In June golden-green sunshine lights up the narrow corridors, revealing magnificent curved geological layers. But right after the next corner, dark shadows lie and if you are a bit late in the afternoon on a September day it can get hard to see where you are going. Fortunately, your guide knows the way by heart!
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