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predelica canyoning

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predelica CANYONing tour


Canyoning in Predelica does not fit completely in the “fun” category due to its length and technical elements. Yes, we can still do some cool jumps there but the emphasis in this area of Bovec canyoning region is on rappelling over huge waterfalls and calm walks in a specific surrounding.

With a lunch break it usually takes us a full day. Nonetheless for the “quick’n dirty” kind of people, we can just do the first half and escape right after the confluence with Mangart mountain creek at the altitude of 900m. This half looks like a stretched-out Fratarica canyon. The real stuff begins only after the confluence. Communication and the size of the group is crucial to keep each participant safe there.

In short, Predelica canyoning is good for anyone who has a day to spare, likes to take it slow and admire the views and is used to rappelling over high cliffs. It is also good for those that do not like to hike a lot because the approach takes only 10 minutes downhill.

5h or 7h

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predelica CANYON details

v4a3 IV
Descend time:
Return time:
Start altitude:
Descend height:
Jumps / slides:
Highest jump:
Location: Google maps <PREDELICA>

predelica canyon OVERVIEW

Canyoning in Predelica is of v4a3IV difficulty. This just means that rappelling difficulty is said to be 4 out of 7, aquatic skills needed are supposed to be 3 out of 7 and the ease of exiting the canyon is 4 out of 7. And I agree. It is something like that. You need to know that these are just the estimations, nothing is set in stone here because things in nature change very often. For instance: after every heavy rain, there are some noticeable differences such as new trees stuck in the canyon, deeper or shallower pools, new rocks that have fallen in, etc. Sometimes water can even find new ways to run and so waterfalls change their shapes. Yes, canyons are living, breathing ecosystems and as such very fragile and susceptible to change. Sometimes irreversible. It is, for this reason, some of them are forbidden to go to or, like in the case of Predelica and Fratarica, a special permit from the Triglav National Park is required.

HIGHLIGHTS: big waterfalls, among which two stand out the most - the Engaged waterfalls and the Diagonal waterfall


Between Tarvisio and Log pod Mangartom, there is a small hamlet of Strmec. The start of the canyon is under Predel pass and above Strmec village. Just under the old fortress from first world war, with the red lion statue that is resting his head on dynamite sticks (Cool lion, you have to see it!). It ends at the confluence with Koritnica river in Log village, about 400m lower. This makes it one of the longerst gorges in Soča valley.

The first part of canyoning in Predelica can be compared to Fratarica in technical difficulty. It is a bit more dynamic than the lower part, with a few easy jumps, slides, and a couple of big waterfalls. The last one here is a double waterfall, about 30m high and is called Engaged Lovers waterfall and is one of the prettiest waterfalls in the area. After that it continues as a gentle brook to meet with Mangart creek and carries on down a flat riverbed. Slippery stones and boulders must here be carefully navigated. This is also the last chance to exit the canyon up a steep path, that leads many tourists in to admire the Engaged waterfalls.


After about a kilometer of walking the canyon starts to close in again and we take a half an hour break and have a snack. The lower part offers us some high waterfalls again, swimming in corridors, some nice jumps and one long slide. At the end of it you are completely sumberged by falling water from all sides and nobody can see you. It feels like beeing in a washing machine and can get a bit scary if you are claustrophobic.

The second half of Predelica canyoning finishes with the 40m high Diagonal waterfall. The sheer sight of it, surrounded by the harsh untamed nature and being aware of ages it took to form such a thing, can take your mind to prehistoric times. Then it is easy to imagine huge dinosaurs flocking together to have a drink at the pool beneath the wall, while a light spray of water is in the air and cool breeze all around. It truly is a magnificant place and a privilege to be there.

the biggest natural disaster in slovenia

Due to heavy rain that lasted for a couple of months (1872 liters per square meter = 187,2cm high water column), there was a huge landslide on Mangart mountain in the year 2000. It was the biggest natural disaster in Slovenia. The landslide started at 1600m and stopped a 1000m lower, taking out two bridges, two hydro plants, and seven lives when it hit Log pod Mangartom. It entered Predelica canyon at about half way and forever changed the lower part of it.

There were actually two landslides. The first one was not that forceful and stopped at the confluence of Predelica canyon and Mangart creek. The second one, however, came down with about 1,5 million cubic meters of material. It completely stuffed the canyon, so it took quite some years for it to self-clean and reveal what the force of earth did to it. What was before a narrow creek now became, on some parts, a 500m wide V-shape valley and on others it whipped 40m high walls clean off of all the trees and greenery.
The ambiance in lower Predelica is now different than before and it will never be the same. A similar kind of event has also partially destroyed Mlinarica canyon, which is said to be a true gem of the Julian alps. It is now closed due to safety reasons. All of this is just nature at work and as such we must accept it. However, it is a different story when people leave their mark in the canyons on purpose. These are fragile environments and it is a real privilege to be able to access such places.


While canyoning in Predelica we spend most of the time out of the water and because it sits on the sunny side of Predel pass it can be done early in the spring or late in the autumn too. No problem if it starts to snow while you are putting on your neoprene. All the more of an adventure! Heavy rain is also not an issue. It just makes majestic waterfalls more majestic.
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