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fratarica canyoning

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fratarica CANYONing tour

CANYONING IN FRATARICA - best for couples!

Attention all lovebirds! Fratarica canyoning is the ultimate outdoor adventure for couples. With its breathtaking scenery, heart-pumping thrills, and a level of difficulty that's perfect for first-timers, it's a great date spot.

Slide and glide down natural water slides, float on your back in the serenity of crystal clear pools filled with fresh Alpine water, and share a laugh as you test your bravery with some beginner-friendly jumps. For the ultimate rush of excitement, take a leap of faith at the 45m high Parabola waterfall or soar down the guided zip-line.

This canyoning experience is all about creating memories and having a blast together. Don't wait until you're too old - book today and join powers with other couples on this adventure!

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that you will have an amazing and unforgettable day when you join us on this extreme outdoor adventure sport. If you are anything less than delighted, you need not pay a cent!

fratarica CANYON details

v4a3 II
Descend time:
Return time:
Start altitude:
Descend height:
Jumps / slides:
Highest jump:
Location: Google maps <FRATARICA>

fratarica canyon OVERVIEW

Fratarica canyon is said to be of difficulty V4A3II. Translating this to English, it says technical difficulty regarding vertical movement: 4 out of 7, the aquatic skills needed to safely navigate: 3 out of 7, and the ease or time needed to exit the canyon: 2 out of 7. It must be noted that in the beginning, we start with small jumps and slides and then slowly progress to rappeling with the help of the guide, and then later we also allow you to do it on your own. We will spend about 40min walking uphill and up to 3h of canyoning. In Fratarica there is only 1 slide/jump that is repeatable but it is so much fun that people always do it several times! After the last pool, there is a bit of walking and swimming involved to get out of the gorge so it takes us about 15 minutes to get back to the car. It lies in Triglav National Park, therefore a permit is required.

HIGHLIGHTS: 45m high Parabola waterfall and a thrilling zip-line of 45° on the Cathedral waterfall.

canyoning FRATARICA offers us the best and the coldest adventure

Fratarica canyon is the coldest for sure. Let's see why. Between Tarvisio and Bovec, there is a small alpine hamlet of Log pod Mangartom. It lies under the iconic Mangart mountain in the ‘Valley of a Hundred Waterfalls’, has a rich history, and is worth a visit on its own. But we are here for canyoning nonetheless.

There are two commercially guided canyoning tours in Koritnica river valley; Predelica and a bit easier Fratarica which lies in the Triglav National Park and cuts a crack down the 1000m high rock face called Loška stena. It is by far the coldest canyoning in Slovenia.
The adventure here starts immediately after we leave our cars. After a minute of walking, we come to the Koritnica river and have to cross it by wading. An easy task in the summer, but when snow is melting in May and June this can pose a challenge. However, safety always comes first and if somebody does not want to wade, there is a bridge we can use a bit higher up the valley.

the north wall of briceljk

Water from the Koritnica river is fresh and cold, but Fratarica runs colder still. It is located on the leeward side of Briceljk summit and stays in the shade until the sun is already high up in the summer sky. This means the snow there lasts long into the season and thus Fratarica can cool us down like nothing else. Sometimes we use its cold to practice mindfulness and do floating meditation, where we unjudgementally accept the cold wrapping our bodies and try to stay relaxed. After a while, some people even fall asleep. Usually, those who are under a lot of stress.

The wall above Fratarica is vertical and somewhere even overhangs so after the snow melts away its water recedes to a mere brooklet compared to the mighty stream in the spring. Then it will flow high only if it rains and only for the next three days after the rain stops. On the odd chance that heavy rain would catch canyoneers inside the canyon, there is nothing to worry about. Fratarica will rise fast, yes, but there will be no flash flood and there are many places to exit the canyon safely. But however low the water flow is, the canyon doesn’t lose anything. Rather, it gains! The fabled emerald green color can only be seen around the 25th of June.

the perfect training ground

Fratarica canyon is the perfect training place for Bovec canyoning guide trainees. Much like Soča river is for kayak instructors. Fratarica offers rappels that require no previous knowledge and up to a 50m high Parabola waterfall rappel where a mistake or bad technique could result in a serious accident. Along with that, some technically more demanding stunts can be pulled off in there. One such example is a zip-line: we attach a tensioned rope to the top of the Cathedral waterfall and to a boulder at the bottom. Another rope would serve us as a brake to safely stop after zipping down like wicked madmen.

If this is not enough and somebody would want to train for canyoning on Mars, he or she can go higher up where the wall is completely vertical and the snow lasts the longest. There one could descend down a waterfall and into a hole that it made by melting the packed snow from an avalanche. Who knows what wonders could be found in there! Alas, for us, mere mortals, this kind of LSD-like trips are out of the question.
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