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bovec canyoning challenge

Bovec canyoning adventures will take you to a world of secret waterways you have never before had the privilege to see.
The question is: are you ready to get your pants wet?


yet another day in triglav national park

Canyoning Bovec Experience

You know the drill. It’s like anywhere else - gear up and hit the road! But before all that we, at Canyoning Challenge, like to spend some time getting to know each other and see what are the expectations of each participant. After we make sure everyone is heard and understood we grab a piece of neoprene and some ropes and off we go, to have the best canyoning Bovec can offer.

Bovec canyoning tours are normally beginner friendly and fairly short, lasting for about four hours. However, there is one canyon that is an exception; canyoning in Predelica lasts for six to seven hours, depending on the size and the experience of the group. The exact opposite is Sušec canyon, which is short and also family-friendly. Group sizes are usually from four to six, but never more than eight people per guide. We try to avoid mixing groups but cannot always guarantee a private trip. (Please book private trips in advance!)
Bovec town is the best place to start any canyoning tour. We have our base here: GOOGLE MAPS. There is also some space where you can park your car, but please, leave your big-ass camper vans somewhere else. (Germans, I’m looking at you … =) Alas, no toilet room yet so make sure you do your thing before the trip.

Alright, 10 minutes have passed since we met and we have cracked the ice open. Time to gear up now. You will receive everything that you will need that day: canyoning shoes and neoprene socks, a thick canyoning (neoprene) wetsuit with a hood, a canyoning harness (climbing harness with a sliding pad) and a Petzl climbing helmet. Those who want also get a figure-8 descender device so that they can learn how to rappel by themselves. The only thing left to do now is to double-check the item list and pack the cars with gear and human bodies.
Clean and thick neoprenes with a hood will keep you warm and cozy. However, they can get a bit heavy when full of water.
Before canyoning fun begins we have to drive for about 10 to 20 minutes, a maximum of an hour, if we go to Italian canyons. We get ready at the parking lot so make sure your swimsuit is already underneath your dry clothes. We can enter some canyons straight from the road but most of them require a short hike to warm-up. You can bring bottles of water with you, but normally there is no need. All the streams around are potable, except Kozjak creek.

When we reach the starting point it is time to refresh in the cold Alpine creek water! It is crystal clear and emerald green or aquamarine blue color. Ah, yeah, the hike was worth it! Last chance for ‘pee pee’ and in your wetsuit you go. After the guide checks that you are all looking good, we do a ‘before’ photo. Next comes a safety briefing and also some training. You will need to get used to the gear and know how to operate your carabiners and descender devices. Another safety check and we go!
We accommodate every Bovec canyoning tour to the least experienced member of the team. This way we keep safety the top priority. However, this does not mean that the ‘Rambos’ of the group will be bored. Every waterfall can be dealt with in a variety of different ways. We can slide down on our behind or we can use the rope and do a proper rappel. Sometimes the pool is deep enough for a nice jump, but don’t worry - there is a way around it most of the time. If not, your guide can always lower you down safely.

Alright, you all survived this awesome Bovec canyoning adventure - superb! Time to post proof of it on your #instagram. But before that, you will be given some tips about the area, where to eat and where not to, what you must see and what to do. If you will eat out in Bovec, then your car can safely rest at our base, free of charge.
What you get

  • complete canyoning gear + SHOES!
  • PHOTOS of the tour
  • customized guided tour
  • you will learn how to abseil
  • private tour (optional)
  • we can pick you up!

What you need
  • a swimsuit
  • a towel
  • a water bottle
  • a snack
  • a wallet
  • the will to thrive in the face of adversity!

bovec canyoning region

canyoning in bovec: SUŠEC


Sušec canyoning experience is a top choice for those seeking the perfect balance of adventure and safety. Led by experienced guides, participants will embark on an unforgettable journey through a series of jumps, slides, and two stunning waterfalls, including a 22-meter-high waterfall that requires the use of ropes.

With safety being the top priority, participants can relax and enjoy the experience, knowing that every step has been taken to ensure their comfort and safety. So whether you’re a seasoned adventurer, or simply looking for a fun day out with friends and family, Sušec canyoning is the perfect choice for those 6 years and older.

CANYONING IN bovec: Fratarica

This outdoor adventure is still at a beginner’s level. That means we can bypass the more difficult situations if somebody would like to do so.

What is absolutely wonderful about Fratarica canyon is that it offers us all the features of canyoning: natural slides, crystal clear pools ​of fresh Alpine water, easy and some higher jumps, a 45m high Parabola waterfall as well as a possibility to make a zip-line and slide down the 45 degrees angled tensioned rope, slamming yourself directly into a big rock!
Joke! OMG! That was a joke, people, chill …
Anyways, Fratarica canyoning is for those that are going canyoning for the first time but “fun-for-all” family tour simply will not do for them.

CANYONING IN kobarid: kozjak


Unleash the adventurer within you and embark on a journey that will test your limits. The Kozjak canyoning tour awaits those with a thirst for danger and a love of the unknown. However, only those with experience and mastery of 10-meter jumps and solo rappelling skills will be allowed to take on the challenges of this canyon.

There lies breathtaking beauty within Kozjak; the interplay of light and darkness creates a world of intrigue and wonder, where the sun illuminates hidden pools one moment, and the next, shadows shroud your surroundings in a veil of mystery.

It is not a tour for the timid, but for those seeking an experience unlike any other. To answer the call of Kozjak is to explore Slovenia’s untamed wilderness. Are you brave enough?

CANYONING IN bovec: Predelica


Embark on an epic adventure in the heart of the majestic Predelica canyons, where the wild beauty of the outdoors awaits. This excursion offers a unique blend of thrilling technical elements and peaceful walks amidst a stunning natural setting.

The journey begins with a descent down towering waterfalls, a true test of bravery and skill. The calm walks are interspersed with invigorating breaks, giving you time to bask in the awe-inspiring surroundings. The full-day excursion, complete with a leisurely lunch break, is a true feast for the senses.

For those seeking a more abbreviated experience, a half-day option is available. This option encompasses the first half of the canyon, offering a glimpse into its stunning vistas, with a more relaxed pace. The real challenge begins only after the confluence with Mangart mountain creek.



The adventures in Globoški Creek are a step up from Predelica. An experience mostly focused on rappelling but in a tighter canyon and a bit shorter one too. Still demands a lot of work and also has the longest and steepest approach hike of one full hour.

If you still need to prove yourself to your father, and you decided that canyoning is the way to go, then Globoški Creek will give you enough challenges to deal with. Slippery light brown rock covered with moss and algae, narrow spots with barely enough space for 3 people to stand, water in the face while you rappel, water in the face while you wait for others, water in the face while water in the face … you get it.

CANYONING in italy: rio Simon


Rio Simon canyon is one of the purest and most perfect gems the Carnic Alps have to offer. In its bosom, we can find thrilling jumps, high and watery rappels, long slides that end with a fall into a pool of water, bright curtains of light with rainbows and much more around every corner.

With the approach walk of an hour and the 6 hours inside, the canyon will take all you’ve got.

Rio Simon stayed dormant for a long time and kept its jewels well hidden from the peering eyes of the valley below. The journey to uncover the very last of its secrets will take an effort that is on the edge of what is humanly possible.

Ready to get your pants wet yet?



why do we even do this stuff?

A canyoneer's philosophy

Canyoning in Bovec is a special breed of activity. Not because it is an extreme outdoor adventure sport or anything like that, but because it happens in some of Bovec’s most hidden parts. See, the Bovec region and Soča valley have a unique lure effect on a man’s inner sense of beauty. A curse, almost! It grips you by the soul and will not let go! And if you are foolish enough to return the following year, you are done. You shall never leave Soča river valley and its mesmerizing creeks. This happened to many foreigners from all over the world.


So in short we can say we do it because of passion; because we love the sport and its challenges and because we cannot resist the call to adventure that echoes from the mountain summits all around us.


The call to adventure is real! It has always been there. Always have people ventured into the unknown hoping to discover something that no man had seen before. By doing so, they often dealt with a hostile environment, but they also put chaos into order. And that is something!

Canyoning is just that – traversing the line between chaos and order. One of the last rare endeavors that revivify our ancient instincts and makes us feel more alive each time we answer the call to adventure. It also extinguishes our thirst for discovery and satisfies the need to temper our spirit in the rite of passage. Especially for young men, lacking the chance to prove themselves on the field of battle, canyoning offers an alternative way of putting one’s spirit at ease. In addition, it is easy to learn the basics! This way you can quickly become a weekend warrior and immediately start gathering some battle scars of your own.


Alright, we get it – you live in a busy city and your feet hardly touch anything else that’s not concrete. Furthermore, this EXTREME stuff is not for you. Fair enough. Well … I’d say that adventure is necessary. Always. For everybody. It builds character, my father used to say. It toughens you up for the real life’s challenges that lie ahead. Because “Forward” is the name of the game. So, are you tough enough?

Find out more what goes on in our heads on “about us“.


all the adventure gunz you will need

Canyoning Equipment

All Bovec canyoning tours are done in wet canyons, so our gear will be fit for that. But it is worth saying that not all canyons have waterfalls and different rules apply there. We can loosely define our gear as ‘stuff that protects you’, ‘stuff that keeps you warm’ and ‘group stuff’. Since the Bovec canyoning region lies in the Julian Alps there will be some cold water there. This means we will all have to do with some neoprene on our skin. We wash our wet suits after every trip but if your skin is sensitive we suggest bringing some lycra or merino shirts for under the neoprene suit. No cotton though.


PPE or personal protective equipment aka ‘stuff that protects you’ usually means a helmet, a canyoning harness, shoes and some other hardware such as carabiners, chain links and lanyards. It must be said that all PPE should follow international or other recognized standards. Furthermore, we must check our PPE before and after any canyoning activity and only use the PPE for the intended purpose.

You may bring some of your own gear if you like it so much, but we will need to check it before the activity and decide if it is smart to take it on the trip or not. We cannot accept any responsibility for your gear in case you lose it or if it sinks to the bottom of a pool.


Neoprene socks are an essential part of equipment when canyoning in Bovec. Water is just too cold otherwise. You can have 3 or 5-mm thick socks. They also cushion the landing forces on your heels when jumping. Neoprene gloves however are seldom used since they hamper the sense of touch thus making it harder to control rope and operate carabiners. Freezing cold hands is no better so gloves come in handy in the spring months.


Neoprene suits come in different shapes and sizes but most notable feature of a canyoning suit is the front zipper. Padded knees and elbows come second. Usually, they also have hoods which is an indispensable component when you rappel over and through a cold waterfall. Some suits come in separate parts – upper and lower. This means you will have twice the thickness on your chest since they overlap. If this will keep you warmer is debatable because there is a thin layer of water between them. However, you will definitely be better protected when sliding down a waterfall on your back. Some suits also have added protection on the butt and gaskets on the sleeves to prevent water from entering when jumping. You will not have that option. There is just too much wear and tear for commercial use. Hope you understand.

Canyoning hardware gear. We change it when it shows signs of fatigue. Don't worry, one scratch here and there means nothing.


Bovec canyoning adventures have been done in simple neoprene boots for a long time, but now the standards have changed. Shoes should have good quality sole rubber so that it sticks to the wet rock and a thick hill to cushion any hard jumps. Good ankle support is also nice to have since we do a lot of approach hiking when canyoning in Bovec. One such kind is the Adidas Terrex canyoneer boot. We have those and we like them. For the most basic – Sušec canyon – a simple neoprene boot coupled with some thick socks will suffice.


A canyoning harness is almost the same thing as a climbing harness (belt). The difference is that a climbing harness has padding to cusion the fall and canyoning harness has protection for leg loops and the rear. Sliding down the waterfall tobogans is one of the main features of canyoning and it is very hard on the gear, especially the harness. Therefore it has a hard rubber sheet on the back side. Two lanyards of different lengths are also needed and each should end with a locking carabiner. Either with screw gates or something similar so that it cannot open accidentally.

You will see your guide in a much more fancy harness, but that is because he or she needs to hang in it for extended periods of time and blood circulation is a thing …


Canyoning helmets are nothing special. They can be the same as for climbing but with bigger holes to let water out upon landing after a high jump. Otherwise it might get damaged. As with any other canyoning gear it should also float so that we don’t lose it when we are adjusting our hoods. The only thing we should be mindful of is that the current doesn’t take it downstream.


All canyoning carabiners need to be locking ones; screw gates or any other mechanism. If we attach a ‘human life’ onto it there simply is no other way. It must be secure. Regarding the size, bigger is usually better since our hands get quite cold sometimes. It is then harder to operate a smaller carabiner. A bigger one can also accept the static canyoning rope better.

Canyoning descenders are a totally different thing compared to the climbing belay devices. First off – the rope sliding through it is wet, there is a lot more rappelling than when climbing, we must be able to lock it off and adjust the friction on the way down the rope. This means that our descenders are bigger and thicker with more protruding spikes and whatnot enabling us to do all these things.

Canyoning ropes used to be just floating semi-static ropes. But our friends from Switzerland made a new canyoning dedicated rope!!! <3 ^^


Along with personal protective equipment we also need some gear for the group. Most notably, the rope and somewhere to store it – a canyoning backpack. Safety always comes first so there is a water tight cag for first aid stuff. The more, the better – someone will surely know how to use it. Some goggles if anyone loses his Rolex on the bottom of a pool. Luckily the water is clear and you can find all sorts of things in the canyons. Alright, almost set! Can’t forget a cell phone, of course. We also have water-tight rubber packs if somebody would want to take their phone on the trip for making photos. But, again, we cannot accept any responsibility for your lost items.
There is no perfect canyoning backpack. If there is one, then it is too heavy, so … point proven. It can be a simple “swine” bag, as they call them in the caving society, but then it won’t stand up on its own when you try to feed rope into it. Also, it won’t have different compartments to sort your extra gear. But it will float and it will be light, which is good enough for an easy Bovec canyoning adventure.


Canyoning rope can be any semi-static rope that has a safety factor of 10x after you tie a knot on it. It is also nice if it can withstand some friction against the rock. There is a lot of wear and tear while rappelling or lowering people that cannot rappel on their own. Some argue canyoning ropes must also float, some say they should sink. All we care about is that they don’t stretch too much and hopefully last a season or two.

It is more important that you know how to use your first aid kit than what you have in it. And since there are no major injuries, we usually carry just what we need. We take more stuff when venturing further into the wild, of course.

There is no canyon in Bovec remote enough, that we would need a sat-phone, but a cell phone with a good signal is always at hand. Goggles are one of those things that you never use, but always need when you don’t have them, so considering this scientific fact, we always carry them.


all the adventure skillz you will need

Canyoning Challenges And Techniques

In general, it is recommended that individuals who are interested in going canyoning, should be in good physical condition and have a good level of cardiovascular fitness. This may include being able to hike uphill for some time, being able to lift and carry a certain amount of weight, and having good flexibility and coordination.

Bovec canyoning tours are an enjoyable and rewarding outdoor activity, but it is important to be prepared and to consider your physical abilities and limitations before engaging in the sport.

If you are not in good physical condition or have any concerns, it is important to consult with us before participating in canyoning. We will help you to determine what is the best to do regarding your specific situation and fitness level.


Physical endurance is an important factor to consider because of all the canyoning-specific movements that we will do. Typically we hike, swim or wade through pools of water, climb up and down, and of course rappel.

Having good stamina can help you to complete the physical demands of canyoning more easily and with less fatigue, allowing you to enjoy the activity more fully and safely.


Some strength is also important, particularly the ability to grip and hold things, such as when passing a backpack or using a rope to help you go up or down a rock. When rappelling the grip is not so important, because we can adjust the amount of friction on your descender and so make it easier if needed.

We take the descenders away from the “Rambos” of the group and make them go down the rope barehanded. Don’t worry – it will not burn their hands – the rope is wet, haha.


Agility is needed to move quickly and easily over slippery terrains such as wet rocks covered with algae and moss. It also plays a role when you are trying to maintain a 90-degree angle toward the wall when rappelling. Remember: the darker the color of the rock, the more slippery it can be.

Matej, our head guide doing his usual canyoning stuff. Looks rather awkward on this shot, but we figured to use it anyway, haha.


Overcoming fears can be a challenging but rewarding process. Fear of heights is usually the first on the menu, especially in the context of canyoning where heights often are an inevitable part of the activity.

Gradually exposing yourself to your fear and practicing relaxation techniques such as deep breathing, progressive muscle relaxation, and visualization techniques, can help you feel calmer and in control when facing your fear.

We know that overcoming fears can take time, therefore it is important to be patient and kind to yourself as you work through this process. We also recognize that it is okay to feel afraid, and we take steps to ensure your safety when tackling the canyon’s heights. We are here to help and guide and we can guarantee that the feeling of freedom after overcoming yourself is priceless!


Risk assessment is the process of evaluating the potential risks associated with the canyoning activity, and taking steps to minimize those risks.

Sometimes you will have to do this also on your own behalf, for instance, when deciding whether to jump or not. But most of the time your guide does risk assessment. And local Bovec canyoning guides should know everything that could go wrong since canyoning in Bovec has been done for more than 30 years.

Calculated risk is a risk that has been carefully evaluated and deemed acceptable based on the potential rewards and the measures taken to minimize the potential negative outcomes.

And this might be you. Both hands on the rope - nice. Feet high up, knees bent, butt down and leaning back, looking over the shoulder. Perfect!



Canyoning in Bovec can be a thrilling and exciting experience, but it can also be dangerous if you do not follow your guide’s instructions. All the guides of our team have the training and experience to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience. Some things to consider:

1. Pay attention

Before you begin your canyoning trip, your guide will give you a briefing on the route, the equipment you will be using, and the safety precautions you should take. Listen carefully to this briefing and ask any questions you may have.

2. Follow the route

Your guide will lead the way and indicate the best route to take. It is important to stay with the group and follow the route as directed by your guide.

3. Use the equipment correctly

We will provide you with the necessary equipment and show you how to use it correctly. Use the equipment as directed to ensure your safety.

4. Follow safety procedures

Your guide will also provide you with information on what to do in the event of an emergency. It is important to follow these procedures and follow your guide’s instructions if an emergency does occur.



Trusting your canyoning guide is an important aspect of canyoning, as we are responsible for leading the group and ensuring everyone’s safety. It is important to do your research and choose a reputable and experienced guide – such as one of us, of course. =)

Safety first

Before you embark on your canyoning trip, make sure to communicate with your guide about your abilities and any concerns you may have. It is also a good idea to ask about the emergency response plan in case of an accident or injury.

While it is important to trust your guide, it is also important to trust your own judgment and instincts. If you feel uncomfortable with a particular activity or have concerns about your safety, you must be able to say: “Not today.”

If you want to become a guide, then please check out our canyoning friends from Scotland.
They run high-quality extended online courses.

v7 academy
weekend warrior's canyoning school

soča canyoning region playground

off season 2023 canyoning course

Finally, we have the time and capacities to be able to guide closed groups for more than just one day. However, the group is limited to a maximum of six participants. This number still allows a good quality work and enough time for every member to be able to experience canyoning in Bovec to the fullest. Doing a minimum of three canyons you will learn how to move safely and become an independent canyoneer when it comes to following an experienced canyoning guide anywhere in the world. This will allow you to enter the world of secret waterways you could never see on your own. Step in touch with us for more info!
Everybody who enrol on this course will have a FREE accommodation at the KRONOTOP hostel!
Duration: 2 or 3 days
Canyons: Sušec, Fratarica, Predelica/Kozjak
Available: off-season (April-June / September)
Canyoning trips: 3
Price per person: 385
Min. participants: 2
send an inquiry


What is canyoning if not a privilege of nature?! Otherwise it is a less known extreme adventure-sport which combines some of the techniques from climbing, caving and also alpinism when done in the wintertime. Activities that are involved are: scrambling, jumping, sliding, swimming and rappelling.


'Is canyoning difficult for an extreme sport' is the right question here. And the answer? No, not really. Actually it depends. It could be done by 6 year old children or it could even be too hard for alpine mountain climbers. A lot of beginners start canyoning in Bovec, Slovenia.

how DANGEROUs is canyoning?

How dangerous is canyoning depends on your previous experience and psychophysical condition as well as on your guide and the equipement you are using. Canyoning involves taking calculated risks which can be mitigated by various techniques or, most importantly, by choosing the right time and place to go canyoning.

who can go canyoning?

Everybody can go canyoning! It is just smarter not go if you have back and knees problems or if you are pregnant or dead drunk. Another thing is if you are a nonswimmer, if you wear glasses or if you are just a bit afraid - these kind of conditions can easily be dealt with by customizing your tour.


stunning and hard to access natural wonders

Why is Canyoning in Bovec A Privilege?

Bovec canyoning adventures are a privilege BECAUSE THIS SHIT IS PRICELESS! I think this answer will satisfy simple-minded people such as myself. But here is my try for the more sophisticated bunch:

Bovec canyoning fits among the extreme outdoor sports where a guide is needed almost all of the time. It is not for the faint of heart, but it is for the curious ones, eager for exploration.

This exciting activity requires a good level of physical fitness and a sense of adventure, as well as the willingness to push your limits. The rewards for those who overcome the fear and take on the challenge are truly unparalleled.

As you navigate through the breathtaking canyons and gorges of the Bovec basin, you’ll have the chance to explore some of the most stunning and hard-to-access natural wonders in Slovenia.

The emerald-green pools, the turquoise-blue waters of the Soča river valley and the lush green forests that surround the high Julian Alps, are a sight to behold. To be amid all of this and to experience the power of nature up close truly is a privilege of its own kind.

One of the highlights of canyoning in Bovec is the Fratarica canyon, home to the 50 meters high Parabola waterfall over which only the mighty are willing to descend.

These two have just come down a huge waterfall by themselves. The adrenaline in their blood tells them they are superheroes and they believe it.

Another popular canyon is Kozjak, known for its narrow corridors and deep pools that are perfect for jumping into. Although not everyone is allowed to jump there since it requires some skill to do it safely. In case something goes wrong there it takes a lot of time to get out, so we are extra careful and take no unnecessary risks.

For those looking for a longer and more challenging adventure, there is the Predelica canyon, which takes approximately 7 hours to complete. There are no shortcuts or any way of escaping. Just you, your guide and pristine nature – all day long.

There are also other canyons in the region that require a bit more experience and there are even more canyons just over Kanin mountain, in Italy. You will never run out of excuses to go on an adventure when in the Bovec canyoning region.

The more serious canyoning Bovec area can offer will allow you to discover something new and give you the feeling of real exploration. It’s an exhilarating and exciting way to experience the great outdoors, and it’s an adventure that you’ll never forget. So if you’re up for the challenge, don’t miss out on the opportunity to try canyoning in Bovec. It’s an experience that you’ll treasure for a lifetime.

Canyoning is the sort of shit you never knew, you could do. And once you do it, it acts like an upheaval of your life's course.


If you are an individual…

»looking to push your own boundaries or if you are in an organization looking to build and strengthen your team I would strongly recommend Canyoning Challenge. Matej inspired confidence with his professionalism and his knowledge and comfort of the journey ahead. He gave clear directions and his English was excellent. He has a clear passion for helping individuals go beyond what they thought possible and is skilled in developing teams that function effectively. In the Australian language, we would call Matej a “Top Bloke!” – Rod Matthews
Absolutely an incredible experience that I definitely recommend.

»Me and my friend went on a canyoning trip with Matej as our guide. Canyoning in Bovec definitely lived up to the expectations. The jumps, slides, zipline and descending down waterfalls gave us the adrenaline rush we were looking for. Furthermore, Matej was a good guide who explained every activity perfectly and was genuinely a very nice guy with who you could have a laugh with during the trip. Overall; great experience.« – Carsten
Matt is an incredible guide!

»Very technical, it feels safe to be with him. Canyoning in Fratarica canyon included a 50m waterfall and all different features!! Fully recommended, best in Bovec! We went also in a small group and this makes the experience much more personal and intense!! Fully recommended!! We are going to repeat when we go to Bovec.« – Uri
My girlfriend and I thoroughly enjoyed our canyoning tour with Jakob.

»He was animated and funny as he set up the jumps and abseils in Kozjak canyon, and they were all exciting and challenging for us as our first time doing it. We felt very safe with the gear and instructions. It is fantastic to have a passionate local guide showing us one of his favourite spots, highly recommended for anyone visiting Slovenia.« – Jack
Roman made our first canyoning experience an adventurous and really fun trip.

»He’s a great guide, knows his stuff, let’s you take your own risks but always makes you feel safe. All of the above served with interesting conversations and a few jokes on the side 😉
If you’re looking for the right guide in the area, don’t think twice!« – Martin
Don’t miss canyoning with Matej when you are in Bovec!


»We had an amazing morning canyoning at Fratarica. The nature is stunningly beautiful and the guide an absolute blast. 50m abseil, jump into the “hole” and many more fun parts on this tour. We’ll definitely do another canyon with Canyoning Challenge next time we visit Slovenia.« – Alexa

!! disclaimer !!

Canyoning is an outdoor adventure activity and it fits among extreme sports. Thus serious injuries can occur! However, these kinds of incidents have never happened on our watch. That goes not to say the activity is perfectly and 100% safe. Some bruises are always on the menu and going canyoning in Bovec valley means we accept that risk and appreciate the 'scars' as the canyon’s free souvenir. After all - love hurts.

our guarantee

We guarantee with utmost certainty
that you will have an amazing and unforgettable day when you join us on this extreme outdoor adventure sport. If you are anything less than delighted, you need not pay a cent!
What you get

  • complete canyoning gear + SHOES!
  • PHOTOS of the tour
  • customized guided tour
  • you will learn how to abseil
  • private tour (optional)
  • we can pick you up!

What you need
  • a swimsuit
  • a towel
  • a water bottle
  • a snack
  • a wallet
  • the will to thrive in the face of adversity!

book your optimal challenge